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Outpost Magazine is a travel magazine that other travel magazines aspire to.Outpost Magazine does what other travel magazines can’t—does what other travel magazines won’t—does what other travel magazines can only dream of. 

In short, we provide a perspective on travel—our travel stories are real, our travel stories captivate and our photos inspire you to get out there and explore this amazing planet.

We take pride in covering travel, adventure and culture in a unique and insightful way with inspiring long form travel journalism and travel stories, beautiful high-resolution travel photos from around the world; expert tips and insights from seasoned photographers, writers and travellers; and comprehensive travel guides to the destinations featured.

But most of all, we love travel, and we love inspiring readers to explore this incredible planet with us, through our words, our photos and our experiences.

Based out of Kensington Market in Toronto, our travel magazine and travel website has been inspiring people from Canada and around the world for over 16 years. Every article in Outpost Magazine is beautifully crafted, from start to finish, with hi-resolution photos and captivating long form journalism. Every article on is crafted to give you real insights and useful tips in an entertaining and thoughtful way and our travel magazine has garnered numerous awards over the years, including the prestigious National Magazine Award for Magazine of the Year.

If you love travel then you will absolutely love Outpost Magazine.